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Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

The PM2.5 pollution particles in air have complicated compositions including inorganic matter (such as SiO2, SO42− and NO3−) and organic matter (such as, organic carbon and elemental carbon) from diverse sources including soil dust, vehicular emission, coal combustion, secondary aerosols, industrial emission and biomass burning1,18,19,20,21. The behaviour of PM particles are different because of their chemical compositions, morphologies and mechanical properties15. Some rigid inorganic PM particles are mainly captured by interception and impaction on a filter surface. Some soft PM containing a lot of carbon compounds or water such as those from combustion exhaust would deform on filter surfaces and require stronger binding during the process of attaching to the filter. It is important to study the surface properties of the air filters to enhance PM particle capture. However, in existing air filter technology, not much work has been performed to study the properties of filter materials. There are two types of air filters in common use15. One is a porous membrane filter, which is similar to a water filtration filter (shown in Fig. 1c). This type of air filter is made by creating pores on solid substrate, and it usually has very small pore size to filter out PM with larger sizes and the porosity of this type of filter is low (<30%). Hence, the filtration efficiency is high, although the pressure drop is large. Another type of air filter is a fibrous air filter, which captures PM particles by the combination of thick physical barriers and adhesion (shown in Fig. 1d). This type of filter usually has porosities >70% and is made of many layers of thick fibres of diverse diameters from several microns to tens of microns. To obtain a high efficiency, this type of filter is usually thick. The deficiency of the second type of filter is the bulkiness, nontransparency and the compromise between air flow and filter efficiency
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