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new zealand gold mining screening machine

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

Vibrating feeder is also called vibratory feeder or ore vibrating feeder.

Processing capacity:1-105t/h

Feeding size:125-250mm

Feed opening: 150×250-300×1300mm

Applied Materials: Pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz stone, gangue, construction waste.

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mine for gold

Essentially, gold mining is attempting to fulfill a dream. It is driven by the same desire that encourages people to buy lottery tickets. Every gold prospector sets out with the dream that the next shovelful of gravel is going to contain that life changing nugget of gold (or at least discover that mother-load of pay dirt). From that point on you will be able to provide for you family in the way you desire, and you will never suffer because of lack of funds ever again

Gold is also found in seams of rock or quartz. This gold is much harder to extract as it requires the quartz to be crushed allowing the gold to separate from the rock that it is embedded in.  Usually quartz reefs are mined only by serious gold miners and large companies because of the large amount of equipment required to uncover the mineral ore, crush it, and then extract the gold

Gold is mined in a variety of ways depending on how it occurs. The most common gold mined in New Zealand by prospectors is Alluvial Gold or River Gold. In its alluvial state gold is found as a pure mineral rolling around at the bottom of streams and rivers (or where streams and rivers have previously been).  Once shoveled or sucked up the prospector just has to separate the gold from any other sands that are also found at the bottom of the stream. Although time consuming there are many tools to help a prospector speed up his gold recovery

mine for gold

Gold can also be found in areas where ancient glaciers have passed through carrying the gold with them. Once the glacier has retreated the gold is sometimes left high and dry as it were, with no river to wash it away.  A lot of gold ends up in the sea and on the West Coast of New Zealand many black sand beaches are gold rich. The difficulty with mining the black sand beaches in the past has been separating the gold out as black sand is very heavy and the fine gold is often lost using traditional separation methods trying to refine the gold. Mercury and other chemicals have been used in the past to aid in gold recovery, but today we have safer and more refined gold extraction methods

A number of towns grew up around early Gold Rush settlements. In those early days of New Zealand settlement it was not uncommon for these towns to grow so quickly that they actually become the largest towns by population in the country. It was also not uncommon for these towns to all but disappear almost as quickly as they sprang into existence when the gold became less accessible or news of another gold rush would send people dashing away

Dunedin was one city that grew out of the Gold Rush days and at one time was the largest city in New Zealand.  Hokitika is another city that boasted the largest population in New Zealand by 1866 with more than 25,000 residents, most of whom where connected with mining in one way or another. The West Coast of the South Island is second only to Otago in gold production. Both areas still have large gold mining operations currently working

mine for gold

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