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concrete sleepers crushing solution recycling equipment

Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln

Rotary kiln is also known as lime rotary kiln.

Product specification:Φ2.5×40m-Φ6.0×95m

Production capacity:168-10000t/h

Rotation speed:0.1–5 r/min

Applied materials: roasting cement clinker in the industries of metallurgy, refractory matter and chemical plant.

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hartl crusher - the ultimate jaw and rock crusher

* The production capacities vary based on material, feet size and gap setting. Indicated capacities based on medium hard material crushed under optimal conditions and taking the swivel time into account

This is a flexible and mobile product which is used for processing natural rock and recycling materials economically on site, within the minimum space and the shortest time. The required material is immediately processed by the bucket crusher on the very spot where it has been collected, or happens to be!  Once processed, the product can generally be replaced on the spot and put to use straightaway.

The HARTL CRUSHER enables you to expand or develop your line of business.Your investment in a HARTL CRUSHER is of lasting value, will very soon pay for itself, while also protecting the environment and natural resources

hartl crusher - the ultimate jaw and rock crusher

railway sleepers, reinforced concrete or vineyard poles

There are materials some operators consider “difficult” to dispose of; these materials often pile up for years and take up space. Old light poles, columns, and concrete pipes, railway sleepers, vineyard poles with spring steel: these objects seem to be more complicated and expensive to recycle than others.

4 minutesIt’s not a riddle or an equation: it’s how long it takes MB’s crusher bucket to crush an 8-metre tall light pole. With the MB unit attached to the excavator on the construction. A single operator can collect the pole, crush it, and separate the iron from the concrete, all by themselves

No drawbacksDisposing of reinforced concrete poles in recycling centers is pricey, even if it’s just the cost of transporting the material. If a company wants to be autonomous and use a stationary crusher, the rebar in the concrete can easily cut the conveyor belt or jam the machine, which results in downtime, work stops, and wasting time and money. Alternatively, some crush with demolition shears, but it is a slow process

railway sleepers, reinforced concrete or vineyard poles

This doesn’t happen when using MB’s crushers: the iron comes out while the unit is crushing and can be separated from the processed material with the iron separator, which is installed on the MB unit and controlled by the operator from the cabin

Output size on requestWith the MB crusher bucket, it is easy to obtain different material output sizes. The excavator’s operator can do it directly on-site, by just unscrewing a few bolts, inserting or removing shims and adjusting the jaws according to his needs. Not only that, with MB’s crusher, but the resulting material is also of good quality and ready to be reused or sold

“Earn from inert material and recovering iron.”From two construction sites, one in France and the other in Bulgaria, where the recovering of railway sleepers and reinforced concrete has become a new source of income. Using MB’s crusher buckets and their excavator, the companies can collect poles and sleepers and crush them. During the crushing phase, the rebar is separated from the concrete and then removed from the crushed pile with an iron separator installed directly on the MB unit. The same crusher is used for crushing rocks. The material is quickly processed on-site with a single machine—a Simple and fast operation

railway sleepers, reinforced concrete or vineyard poles

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