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wood rotary dryer

Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln

Rotary kiln is also known as lime rotary kiln.

Product specification:Φ2.5×40m-Φ6.0×95m

Production capacity:168-10000t/h

Rotation speed:0.1–5 r/min

Applied materials: roasting cement clinker in the industries of metallurgy, refractory matter and chemical plant.

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wood chips dryer - sunco machinery

At harvest the moisture content of wood is around 50 % (total weight), to evaporate 1 kg of water takes about 2,5 MJ/kg H2O (0,8 kWh/kg H2O), e.g. 2 kg of wood chips, moisture content 50 %, = 1 kg dry-matter of wood + 1 kg water → net heating value ≈ (19 – 2,5) MJ ≈ 16,5 MJ  → 8,25 MJ/kg of fuel

◆ Wet wood chip are fed at the feed inlet hole, and discharged at the dischaging hole. It is direct-type heated rotary dryers, hot gases move through the cylinder in direct contact with the wet wood chips, either with or against the direction of the wood chips' moving direction. The cylinder is equipped with lifting plates which lift the wood chips, and shower it up and down through the hot flue gas

woodchip dryers - rotary dryer design and manufacturing

When we made our first dryer over 70 years ago, we were driven by exactly what brings you here: We needed a dryer that just worked—we didn’t have time to fuss with anything less. We needed a dryer that was reliable, efficient and built with the understanding that capacity is king. So, we made one ourselves. As owner-operators of the same equipment you use, we started and continue making the toughest, longest lasting dryers out there. We’re honored to offer that same ingenuity and know-how to you in every wood chip dryer we build today. For you, and for us. That’s Thompson tough. And we’re sticking to it

A Thompson Wood Chip Dryer can dry temperature-sensitive, wood chips safely at a high capacity with thermal efficiency around 85%; it does so with minimal air pollution, little material degradation and low fire risk.  A Thompson Wood Chip Dryer is the most cost effective and energy efficient wood chip dryer available today. With Thompson’s proprietary internal flighting package, the dryer is able to dry both the small and large chips in your product feed uniformly, inside and out, to the desired dryness.  

Benefit: Eliminates the need for make up air Creates a consistent gas flow throughout the drying process Allow drying process to use steam as the heat transfer medium Use less fuel because there is no need to heat make up air Reduces total gas volume entering and exiting the system (no make up air) Either eliminates the need for, or reduces the size of secondary cleanup equipment (lower emissions) Reduces the amount of oxygen entering the system (no make up air) Increases consistency of final product quality Allows for lower temperature drying which protects the quality of the end product

Result: Lower fuel usage means lower operational costs Lower emissions means lower capital investment Lower emissions means happier neighbors Consistent high quality products mean happy customers Personnel and equipment are safer because fires and high pressure events are less likely

woodchip dryers - rotary dryer design and manufacturing

Result: Lower operational costs Fewer parts to break which means lower maintenance costs Lower capital investment, no airlock here Lower emissions means lower capital investment in secondary cleanup equipment Lower emissions means happier neighbors Personnel and equipment are safer because fires and high pressure events are less likely

Result: Higher revenues from having more product to sell Lower emissions means lower capital investment in secondary cleanup equipment Lower emissions means happier neighbors Personnel and equipment are safer because fires and high pressure events are less likely

woodsawdustdryermachine,woodbiomass drying system

The wood sawdust(chips) dryer machine consists of a large rotating cylindrical tube supported by a steel beam. The body is slightly tilted so that the discharge end is lower than the feed end to transport material through the dryer under the force of gravity

Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine(Rotary dryer) using a new multi-modular lifting means to overcome the traditional dryer "tunnel" phenomenon, high thermal efficiency, and effectively reduce the coal consumption is about 20%. RICHI specially designed retaining wheel structure for the tumble dryer greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by the tilting work of the equipment. In addition, the thermal efficiency of the equipment is up to 80% (the traditional single-cylinder dryer thermal efficiency is only 32%) and the thermal efficiency is increased by 48%. The tumble dryer has strong adaptability to materials, can dry various materials, and the equipment operation is simple and reliable

Pellet machine is a key equipment for the production of pellets, which composed of multiple components. It is mainly composed of drive system, feeding system, pelletizing system, etc. The following figure is for reference.

RICHI always believes that good products are one of the important indicators of corporate survival. We use high-standard materials in the production process and cooperate with internationally renowned brands to ensure that we can bring high-quality equipment to customers. The following is a detailed display of RICHI pellet machine.

woodsawdustdryermachine,woodbiomass drying system

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