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Grind Mill

Grind Mill

Dolomite grinding mill is also known as dolomite grinding machine, dolomite pulverizer, and dolomite pulverizing mill.
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hc series super large grinding mill

HC large-scale pendulum mill is a large-scale product based on the company's HC1700 vertical pendulum mill. This series of mills is a large-scale environmentally friendly milling equipment independently developed by Guilin Hongcheng Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., covering 5 invention patents. The fineness range of its products is between 38-180μm (80-400 mesh), which can meet the domestic industrial policy and the expanding demand of industrialized scale production, make up for the blank of my country's large-scale pendulum mill, and expand the pendulum mill The application field of the powder machine, whether in terms of production capacity or unit energy consumption, has greatly improved the user's equipment efficiency, and its technical level will be at the domestic advanced level. The successful development of the HC large-scale pendulum mill can replace almost all types of mills with an output of up to 90 tons per hour, and is particularly suitable for large-scale powder processing in industries such as power plant desulfurization and manganese mining

This product is suitable for grinding limestone, calcite, talc, dolomite, titanium dioxide, quartzite, bauxite, marble, feldspar, barite, fluorite, gypsum, ilmenite, phosphate rock, clay, graphite, Clay, kaolin, diabase, coal gangue, wollastonite, lime, zircon sand, bentonite, manganese ore and other non-flammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%

ADVANTAGES AND FEATURES                                                                                                                                                                                                        

hc series super large grinding mill

 The frame-type integral base has a solid and reliable structure and strong anti-vibration ability. It avoids the cracking or damage of other components caused by long-time working vibration and fatigue of the split structure of the air return box and the base, and improves the stability and reliability of the 

The special feeding method allows the raw materials to be evenly distributed in the mill, which improves the rolling rate, which is more conducive to the crushing of the powder, the grinding area wears evenly, and the service life of the wear-resistant parts is prolonged

high quality super micro grinding mill for making powder

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