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grinding machine mechanism

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Grind Mill

Dolomite grinding mill is also known as dolomite grinding machine, dolomite pulverizer, and dolomite pulverizing mill.
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us3003291a - mechanism for shoulder grinding - google patents

In plunge cut grinding on a center-type grinding machine, where a surface parallel to the axis of the wheel and no longer than the width of the wheel is ground by the peripheral surface of the wheel as the wheel is fed into the work, it is often desirable to reciprocate the wheel relative to the workpiece during grinding, in short longitudinal strokes parallel to the axis of the wheel, to produce a smoother surface on the workpiece. In many applications it may be desired, after said surface has been ground, to grind a shoulder surface on the workpiece with the side of the grinding wheel, which shoulder surface on the workpiece may, for example, be normal to the axis of the wheel.

Heretofore, in operations of this kind where a relative reciprocation between two members such as a grinding wheel and a workpiece is followed by a relative feeding movement between said members in a direction parallel to the reciprocating motion and beyond one of the limits of the reciprocation, it has been usual to effect reciprocation by movement of one of said members, such as the grindin wheel and to effect the subsequent feeding by movement of the other member, the workpiece. This has required actuation of two controls, one to stop the reciprocation of said one member and the other to effect feeding movement of the other member.

In the present invention a mechanism is provided which permits a quicker and more easily effected operation of this kind than has been heretofore possible. With the mechanism of the present invention the same member which has been reciprocated, for example, the grinding wheel, is also fed into the shoulder surface of the workpiece. With one movement of one control the longitudinal reciprocation of the grinding wheel is terminated and the grinding wheel is fed longitudinally into the shoulder surface beyond the limit of reciprocation.

us3003291a - mechanism for shoulder grinding - google patents

In brief, in the preferred embodiment of the present invention, the grinding wheel spindle is operatively connected to a follower which is normally reciprocated by an oscillating driver. The driver comprises a roller eccentrically mounted on a drive shaft, the driver engaging one surface of the follower. The surface of the follower engaged by the driver is normally held in contact therewith by a spring and as long as such engagement is maintained, the grinding wheel is reciprocated between normal limits. A manually operable cam is positioned in registration with the follower and, when actuated, urges the follower, against the action of the spring, out of contact with the driver to terminate reciprocation of the grinding wheel. Further actuation of the cam urges the follower beyond the limits of normal reciprocation by the driver and thereby moves the grinding wheel in one direction beyond its normal limit of reciprocation. In this manner the side cutting surface of the grinding wheel is gradually fed into the shoulder surface of the workpiece for grinding thereof.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a mechanism to terminate relative reciprocation of Patented Oct. 10., 1961 a grinding wheel relative to a workpiece and operable to effect movement of the grinding wheel in one direction beyond the limit of said reciprocation.

operations that can be performed on grinding machine

This grinding operation is carried out only on cylindrical jobs. It is of two types; external and internal cylindrical grinding, an external grinder is used to remove excess material from the outer surface of the workpiece. Whilst the internal is done for smoothening the internal surface of a hole or any cylindrical workpiece

This type of grinding operation, two grinding wheels are fitted parallel with a 5-10-degree angle which is provided to obtain a longitudinal motion of the workpiece. A cylinder rod is placed between the two-grinding wheel due to the tilted angle. This allows the workpiece to automatically pass through the wheels and the smooth surface is obtained

The two methods of performing a grinding operation are wet and dry grinding. In the wet grinding coolant like water or any other cooling substance will be sprayed to cool the surface so that the longevity of the grinding wheel increases and obtained a fine surface finish. In the dry grinding, coolant is not used making it not a preferred method because the grinding wheel easily wears and uneven surface finish is gotten

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