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Grind Mill

Grind Mill

Dolomite grinding mill is also known as dolomite grinding machine, dolomite pulverizer, and dolomite pulverizing mill.
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horizontal boring mills -

3″ G&L Boring Mill (Horizontal) Mod. 330T, Manual, New in 1948, 36 X 96 Table, 84″ Cross Trav., 48″ Vert. Trav., 1500 RPM, Tail Stock, DRO, 15 HP, 220/440 Volt, III PH, Mill is in Very Good Condition., $17,500

3″ Wotan Boring Mill (Horizontal) Model B-90, Manual,1965 Yr., 43 X 49 Rot. Table, 54″ Cross Travel, 38″ Saddle Tr., 28″ Spindle Tr., 49″ Vert. Tr., No. 5 Taper, 1600 RPM, DRO, Mill In Very Good Condition, $19,500

3″ Tos Boring Mill (Horizontal) Mod. W-75, Manual, 1988 Year, 36 x 36 Rotary Table, 49″ Cross Tr., 50″ Saddle Tr., 24″ Spnd.Tr., 35″ Vert. Tr., 40 Taper, 1800 RPM, Facing Head, In Very Good Condition, $34,500

horizontal boring mills -

4″ G&L Boring Mill (Horizontal) Mod. 340T, Manual, New in 1952, 48 X 74 Table, 64″ Cross Trav., 72″ Sadl. Trav., 36″ Spindle Trav., 66″ Vert. Trav., NO. 5 Taper, 975 RPMs, Mill In Very Nice Condition!, $39,500

4″ G&L Boring Mill (Horizontal) Model 340T, Manual, 1954 Year, 48 X 122 Table, 108″ Cross Tr., 88″ Sdl. Tr., 66″Vert. Trav., No. 5 Taper, 1300 RPM, 20 HP, 22/440 Volt, Outriggers, Really Nice, $59,500

dispermat® bead mills - durable and economical bead mills

A bead mill differs from the high‒speed disperser used to prepare the millbase by using small ceramic beads to mechanically break down of solid particles and improve the dispersion result. A bead mill consists of a milling chamber containing small ceramic beads and a milling rotor that is driven by a motor.

The dispersion result is affected by the speed of the milling rotor, the size of the beads and the speed at which the product is passed through the mill. A bead mill can be used to disperse the product in either a single pass, or several individual passes, or be set up to continuously circulate the product which is known as re‒circulation milling. Explosion‒proof bead mills All DISPERMAT® bead mills are also available in an explosion-proof version according to ATEX

Highest quality, many years of experience and innovative process technology characterize our dispersers, mixers, stirrers, basket mills and bead mills for laboratory pilot plant and production. Order now:

VMA‒GETZMANN develops, produces and markets high quality dispersers, mixers, stirrers, bead mills and basket mills. The innovative combination of technology and design as well as high quality are characteristic of our products. Of course, our mixing, dispersing and grinding equipment have integrated safety devices according to the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC. Working together with the client our specialists optimize the essential process engineering and the most suitable system solution. Our involved development and design team comes with innovative ideas and long time experience in the mixing, dispersing and grinding technology. We produce with the most modern machine tools and therefore we guarantee a high standard of quality. We prove our expertise and reliability by also having an excellent after sales service. We would be pleased to show you the impressive work section of our dispersers, mixers, stirrers, bead mills and basket mills for dispersing, mixing, stirring, homogenizing and fine grinding up to the nanoscale. Our skilled engineers are available at any time for personal advice.

dispermat® bead mills - durable and economical bead mills

Since the foundation of the company the name VMA‒GETZMANN has been synonymous with the production of high quality and innovative dispersers, basket mills, bead mills, mixers and stirrers for laboratory pilot plant and production. The integration of progressive technology with functional design as well as high quality, are characteristic of our products

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