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Grind Mill

Grind Mill

Dolomite grinding mill is also known as dolomite grinding machine, dolomite pulverizer, and dolomite pulverizing mill.
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the effect of grinding aids on the fine grinding of

The initial stages of grinding of the materials studied, without the use of grinding aids, were found to depend on their Moh's hardness. Excessive shell and ball coatings led to virtual stoppage of fine grinding of cement clinker and limestone. Quartz, which did not exhibit this property, continued to grind finer

All the grinding aids studied have been found to be effective in variable degrees. While the grinding aids had only a marginal effect on the grinding of quartz, they had a significantly beneficial effect on the grinding of limestone and cement clinker. Triethanolamine appeared to be the most effective of all the aids studied. In the grinding of cement clinker, gypsum also acted as a very effective grinding aid. The action of these additives has been attributed to their ability to prevent agglomeration and ball and mill coatings of the powder

daragrind® mineral grinding aid | resource | gcp applied

DARAGRIND® is one of the largest product developments by GCP Applied Technologies in the field of Grinding Additives for minerals, cement raw materials, coal, pure calcium carbonate, limestone, silica and quicklime

To assist you in obtaining optimum performance from your GCP Cement Additive, we offer advice and assistance by trained personnel, experienced in additive technology, and the facilities of our fully equipped laboratories

We hope the information here will be helpful. It is based on data and knowledge considered to be true and accurate, and is offered for consideration, investigation and verification by the user, but we do not warrant the results to be obtained. Please read all statements, recommendations, and suggestions in conjunction with our conditions of sale, which apply to all goods supplied by us. No statement, recommendation, or suggestion is intended for any use that would infringe any patent, copyright, or other third party right

DARAGRIND is a trademark, which may be registered in the United States and/or other countries, of GCP Applied Technologies Inc. This trademark list has been compiled using available published information as of the publication date and may not accurately reflect current trademark ownership or status

daragrind® mineral grinding aid | resource | gcp applied

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cn101898878b - cement grinding aid - google patents

From twentieth century thirties, British Goddard with resin as grinding aid and obtain patent.People have successively tested grinding aids such as acetic acid, phosphoric acid salt, sulfonated lignin, terepthaloyl moietie, phenol, trolamine, tung oil and pitch again subsequently.To the sixties; Industrially developed country is like Japan, the U.S., Germany, the FSU, to the research of grinding aid with use more and more widely, all uses grinding aid in the cement mill that some developed countries are nearly all; The China that compares starts late to the research and the utilization of grinding aid; The later stage fifties, have only the minority cement mill to test with coal, spent pulping liquor, soap waste liquid, effect is very unobvious; At present, the cement grinding aid of domestic research and application has liquid grinding aid and solid grinding aid, and its basal component mostly belongs to organic surface-active substance.Be mainly: amine, alcohols, alcamines, lignosulfonic acid salt, lipid acid and its esters, alkyl sulfonates etc.Concrete material is: trolamine, Diethylene Glycol, terepthaloyl moietie, sulfonated lignin, formic acid, Triple Pressed Stearic Acid, oleic acid, X 2073 etc

Domestic most employing technical pure polymerization organic salt and inorganic salt are the staple of grinding aid, and cost is higher, technico-economical comparison incompatibility practical condition, and the product adaptation face is narrower, does not also have suitable product for the higher material of temperature especially.Even in different manufacturers, also have the bigger situation of difference on effect for the product application of the same race of different manufacturers.Currently available products can't be given full play to this product and improve the grinding material adhesiving effect, and fails with multiple effective grinding aid components matching together, thereby brings into play best grinding effect, and chlorine or alkali in the existing simultaneously grinding aid can bring harm to cement or concrete

The purpose of this invention is to provide and a kind ofly can reduce the powder surface free energy, can generally be suitable for again, can improve that powder granule distributes and the cement grinding aid of pattern.This cement grinding aid is when accomplishing to save power consumption; Improve the quality and the performance of cement; As with water requirement of the flexibility of admixture, cement intensity, cement etc., and on performance, reach the level of external like product, on cost, price, be lower than the level of external like product

The sodium lignosulfonate (quality in compound glycerin distillation residue solution is 100%) that contains mass content 20~40% in the wherein said compound glycerin distillation residue solution.Each component sum of grinding aid is 100%

cn101898878b - cement grinding aid - google patents

Grinding aid preferred group of the present invention becomes: calcium formate solution 25~45%, compound glycerin distillation residue solution 20~30%, trolamine 2~10%, glycol 2~6%, molasses 20~30%.This grinding aid further preferably consists of: calcium formate solution 40%, compound glycerin distillation residue solution 23~27%, trolamine 4~8%, glycol 4%, molasses 25%.Aforementioned each component sum is 100%

Glycerol distillation residue solution generally be by glycerine workshop still kettle slag-drip opening discharge by mixtures such as polymerization glycerine, glycerine, water, except glycerol distillation residue solution, also contain 20~40% sodium lignosulfonate in the compound glycerin distillation residue solution among the present invention.The mass concentration of compound glycerin distillation residue solution is preferably 40~60%, further is preferably 50%

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