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Crushing Plant

Crushing Plant

The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.
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gold vacuum casting machine| gold bar making machine - cooldo

CDOCAST  Gold Vacuum Casting Machine  are developed to manufacture any dimension of ingots, from 100 g to 15kilo-bar either in gold or silver. You just need to put the pre-weighted gold/silver grains or powder into our custom-designed graphite mould, and then positioned inside the Vacuum melting chamber, during the solidification phase the ingot will be  cooled  down suitably by the custom design water cooling induction coil in the melting chamber

Our vacuum  gold bar making machine is  totally  design as automatic casting, the operator only has to filled in the graphite mould with the  pre-weighted raw material, like gold powder, gold grain, close the door of the melting chamber as well as press the START switch to release the automatic cycle,  the casting will started automaticly,  after finished the casting cycle, you can abtain the gold or silver bar which is ready for the market

During the whole casting process, the  whole melting  and cooling down process will takes place in a closed chamber , we have designed an automatic program which can vacuum the melting chamber automatic, you just press the bottom of  vacuum , the vacuum process will be automatic done within 5 minutes, what is more, inert gas  like Argon or Nitrogen will be filled in the melting chamber which can prevent the silver or gold from Oxidation

gold vacuum casting machine| gold bar making machine - cooldo

The Heart technology of our Gold silver Ingot Vacuum casting machine is the induction generator and induction coil, we design them to maximized the heat transfer during the cycle and the induction coil is designed as the square shape which is 100%  match the shape of the mould which can gurantee the melting  is uniform,  our engineer team also design  pneumatic jack  which  will lift the graphite mould  up perfectly into the center of the electromagnetic field as well as the melting step will start

jewel cast - manufacturer of vacuum casting machine and

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