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Crushing Plant

Crushing Plant

The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.
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why do deep-sea fishes not get crushed by pressure on the

Have you ever dove to the bottom of a swimming pool and gradually felt the pressure build up on your ears? Most people have a basic understanding of water pressure, which increases the deeper and deeper we go

Human beings are usually not recommended to swim below 150 feet, but the deepest dive for a human being is actually 1,000 feet, which is rather incredible! At that depth, the pressure is intense, but that’s nothing compared to the pressure at deeper depths. It’s hard to believe that anything can survive without being crushed, and yet there are many fish and marine species that can survive at 25,000 feet below the surface!

When we are standing on the surface of the earth, the air pressure around us is 1 atm (atmosphere). When we go beneath the waves, however, the pressure on our body increases by 1 atm for every 10 meters we descend. In other words, at the deepest point in the ocean, slightly under 11,000 meters, the pressure you would feel on your body would be 1100 times greater than what you experience in the open air

why do deep-sea fishes not get crushed by pressure on the

At the bottom of the ocean, the human body would be crushed under the extreme pressure (thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch), our eardrums would rupture, our lungs would fill with blood and then collapse, and suffocation would be instantaneous. In fact, this terrible series of events would happen only a couple thousand feet below the surface, let alone a few more miles down into the darkness

Despite the vulnerability of human beings to the pressure at those depths, there are sea anemones, worms, fish, whales, seals, crabs, and thousands of other sea creatures that seem to handle the pressure without a second thought. While this seems impossible, remember that pressure is all about balance. 

learn about pressure with can crush experiment - stem

Atmospheric or air pressure is a force applied on a surface by the air above because of the influence of the gravity. Gravity is pulling down the air molecules and they are pressing their weight on top of the Earth’s surface.

Besides altitude, the amount of humidity is an important influence on the air pressure. Water molecules in the air weight less than the oxygen (and other gas molecules) so as the air becomes more humid, it’s lighter and therefore the pressure is lower

When we put the can in the cold water, we suddenly cooled it. That cooling caused the water vapor in the can to condense, creating a partial vacuum. Because of that, the pressure outside of the can became much greater than the pressure inside, and that pressure difference crushed the can

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