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Crushing Plant

Crushing Plant

The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.
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benchtop band saw review | best small | woodworking

My goal was twofold: First, to determine what kinds of woodworking jobs these diminutive, affordable band saws are capable of. Second, to pick the best of the bunch for this magazine’s “Best Bet” designation, awarded to the tool that demonstrates the best blend of features, performance and price. I examined each saw’s extensive features carefully, and probed its performance by doing a full range of cutting tests to find out how much each benchtop tool could handle

A word before we begin: The great majority of power tools these days are made overseas by OEM (original equipment manufacturers) factories that build each model to the specifications of the company that’s going to put their name on them. This helps explain why three of the four 9″ benchtop band saws I tested — the Craftsman, Central Machinery and Ryobi — have virtually the same welded steel frame, base and overall design. But just because some saws may look similar doesn’t mean that they’re identical. Besides varying in features and cosmetics, each saw has its own performance personality, and some just flat-out cut better than others

Street Price: $120 Actual Throat Depth / Max. Cutting Depth: 9″ / 3-5⁄8″ Construction:Welded steel frame and cast alloy table Motor Type / Amperage / Blade Speed: Induction / 2.5 amp / 2460 fpm Table Size: 11-3⁄4″ x 11-3⁄4″ Blade Length / Min.-Max. Widths: 62″ / 1/8″ – 3/8″ Blade Guides: Friction side guides and ball thrust bearing Tension Release Lever / Light: Yes / No Rack & Pinion Table Tilt / Upper Guide: No / Yes Warranty: 1 year Accessories Included / Optional: Miter gauge Actual Weight: 34 lbs

benchtop band saw review | best small | woodworking

Of the two benchtop band saws that bear the Craftsman name, the 9″ BAS230 has a price on par with the other three 9″ saws in this test. There are but a few elements of the Craftsman that distinguish it from the competition. While its welded frame is just like two other saws, its wheels have wider, sturdier looking spokes than the other two. Plus, the Craftsman’s wheels have pressedon weights, evidence that the wheels have undergone balancing to help them run with less vibration. My cutting tests bore this out, and the BAS230 cut slightly more smoothly than any of the other 9″ saws

The Craftsman has plenty of power to tackle all the basic band saw cutting operations, crosscutting, ripping and even doing light resawing of hardwoods. The 3/8″ wide, 6 tpi blade that comes standard on the BAS230 gives a good quality of cut and leaves a relatively clean kerf. The saw’s large cast-alloy table offers good support to larger workpieces, and is the only table in the group with a fully ribbed surface. This is a practical feature, as the ribs can help keep sawdust from hanging up the workpiece

aftermarket central machinery band saw replacement parts

Urethane Tires last longer and work far better than rubber tires.They will not wear out and become brittle as quickly as rubber tires do. You will absolutely see the difference in the performance of your band saw when you upgrade to Urethane Tire

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