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Crushing Plant

Crushing Plant

The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.
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And only Eagle Crusher has them. Our UltraMax® series of plants deliver the highest production rates, highest quality, uniform spec product, and minimum down time for maximum profitability.

No matter what the industry or the application, Eagle Crusher has a unit to get the job done effectively, efficiently, and reliably. Check out some of the industries and applications we serve

From the factory or from our local dealers, Team Eagle offers assistance to help you choose and maintain the best size and type of plant for your business goals. Team Eagle also offers on-site start-up assistance, operator and maintenance training, and quick, responsive service

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唯一能回收多种不同尺寸的铝罐的碎罐器。 可回收 12 盎司(约 354.9 毫升)、16 盎司(约 453.6 毫升)、24 盎司(约 680.4 毫升)、32 盎司(约 907.2 毫升)罐装,并且还可以压碎塑料水瓶。 实心钢,带不锈钢杆和黄铜插件,硬化钢螺栓,带锁紧螺母。 可垂直或水平安装。 但必须安装才能使用。 附带安装说明书和螺丝。 粉末涂层,适合各种天气使用。 还有 4x4 或 2x4 的预钻孔,底座和活塞上有减压孔。 泡沫防滑舒适手柄。 主体尺寸为 11 1/2 英寸(约 29.3 厘米)长,4 1/2 英寸(约 11.4 厘米)宽。 整体手柄长 23 英寸。 开口尺寸 9 英寸高 ( 9 英寸 ) 3 3/4 英寸宽 ( 3.6 英寸 ) 和 3 7/8 英寸 深 ( 3.8 英寸 ) 在发生损坏或磨损的情况下,有零件。 90 天保修。 注意:这款铝罐破碎机专为回收薄壁饮料罐而设计,不推荐食品罐、气溶胶罐、咖啡罐、宠物食品罐或隔热铝瓶,因为它们可能会损坏装置,保修无效。

industrial shredder | tire shredder | williams crusher

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Williams offers an extensive line of rugged, reliable industrial shredders and auxiliary shredding equipment. Our shredding machines come in different sizes and are used for a variety of municipal and industrial waste applications, including: paper, refuse, wood, wood pulp, pallets, tires, rubber, metal and aluminum scrap

industrial shredder | tire shredder | williams crusher

The Williams shredding machines have been tested and used under tough conditions in order to optimize them for maximum reliability. When you use Williams shredding equipment, you know you’re getting high-quality machines that will last in all industrial and municipal conditions

Finding the right shredding machine that fits your application needs is crucial. Ensuring there’s enough power and cutting force to achieve your desired particle size reduction is key. Take a look below at our collection of industrial shredding equipment to find the right machine for your needs, or contact our sales engineers who can help you find a shredding machine for your application

TF and XL Shredders are a specialized group of industrial shredding machines, generally used for shredding waste paper and corrugated in massive quantities. These industrial shredders typically require 100-500HP with a feed rate of 5-25 TPH and are for commercial use only

industrial shredder | tire shredder | williams crusher

Williams complete line of secondary one-way shredders and reversible industrial shredding equipment are available with optional Controlled Airflow Downward/Controlled Air Management (CAD/CAM). Secondary industrial shredders have been designed to meet the specific requirements of fuel preparations. Proven rugged design, minimized maintenance costs, absolute control of particle size for combustion efficiency and optimized power consumption are achieved with this design

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