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Crushing Plant

Crushing Plant

The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.
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chi palm (infratonic 11) | pain relief where all else fails

Experience a drug free and non-invasive treatment that will help you relieve pain, unwind, elevate your mood and Enhance your Human Experience. Battery powered and cord-free, with up to 80-100 hours of use per 3 hour charge

Policy note:CHI Palms are currently on back orderil! We will open our Bulk Program, Affiliate Commissions, and Trade up Program once we receive more in stockl! If you have any question, please feel free to reach out to us via email: [email protected] or give us a call 1.800.682.7061

The CHI Palm is our newest Infratonic technology. Beginning in the mid 1980s, a research  program in China measured the output from the hands of natural healers. Then to determine if the signal could heal the way natural healers do, they replicated it by machine and tested it in Chinese hospitals. The research was highly successful. Since 1987 CHI Institute has dived deeper and deeper into the potentials of this technology. 30 years of research, questions, roadblocks and breakthroughs; our CHI Palm presents the newest technology to the modern world

chi palm (infratonic 11) | pain relief where all else fails

The deep midnight teal color, the sculpted shape, and the streamlined control panel scream MAGIC! It fits my hand like a glove. The buttons are responsive and the feel of the Infratonic signals are deep, clean, resonant, and SILENT. It is the most powerful Infratonic engine we have ever produced. I held it to my ear and all I hear is a wavering white noise and a little computer chatter, the chaotic carrier of the Chaos Therapy signal

Now, the main event: I love the feel on my body! I have applied the CHI Palm in so many ways. It is so smooth and rounded that it fits comfortably everywhere applied. In addition, a remarkable new frictional material keeps it from sliding, either across my skin or on my clothing. The signal is so powerful that I can usually feel it penetrating throughout my body. It made quick work of my residual neck tension, far faster and more powerful than ever before. Did I already say how much I love the way it feels on my body and the way it makes me feel?

relief where all else fails | chi institute formerly sound

Please watch our Events calendar for future events. We have been pretty busy reorganizing CHI Institute and conducting research lately, so have not had much in the way of events scheduled. Please use our form at the bottom of this page to send us a message to let us know where you would like to participate chi institute: infratonic 9: health & personal

即使您尝试了其他一切来缓解疼痛,Infratonic 9 也可能为您提供一直在寻找的疼痛缓解。 只需确认好评。 即使专家已经宣布“一切都在脑中”,您也会在这里找到舒缓的感觉。 对疼痛的振动性质的先进研究表明,您难以修复的疼痛通常存放在身体细胞中,作为重复的细胞创伤模式而需要炎症而不是治愈。 正常情况下,细胞会产生少量炎症,引导愈合过程。 然而,在可能被称为“帮助尖叫”的反应中,创伤细胞会产生比需要更多的炎症化学物质。 这种炎症可能会损坏细胞组织,刺激神经,引起更多的疼痛。 每个医疗术语都以-炎结束:滑囊炎、肌腱炎、囊炎等。 在非医疗方面通常是由过度的炎症引起的。 关节炎是“关节炎症”。 就像士兵从战争中返回,物理或情绪上受伤的细胞通常被编程成无尽地呼喊帮助,无论是持续还是响应触摸、过敏或压力。 即使思想和情绪也会引起这种多余的炎症。 当细胞继续产生炎症时,慢性疼痛会造成,通常情况下即使它没有助于治愈。 当创伤细胞过敏并在轻微的刺激中产生大量炎症化学物质时,会导致疼痛。 Infratonic 9的舒缓声波注入了细胞的专有混合的不可预知频率。 受损的细胞向这些声波打开,引起细胞合作,将细胞创伤与多余的炎症和疼痛扫除。 缓解慢性疼痛或退款。 便携式和电池供电 - 随时随地可用。


equitonic 9, equine healing & relief | chi institute

WORKS LIKE MAGIC! I purchased my E-9 about a month ago. I was actually my own first patient. I put it on my shoulder where I had been having pain for a year, slowly worsening. I put it on for 30 minutes on the ACUTE setting and to my astonishment when I woke up in the morning, it was 90% better. Two more treatments and the pain is gone! (It should be noted that equine device can be used on people, too.) At the ranch I applied the treatment to a horse who had an infected shoe boil. I noticed a considerable increase in drainage right away which is highly desirable. Within a few days and several treatments, the boil drained and healed over. A few days later when I arrived I was told that an old (30 years) horse was down and wouldn’t get up, even when breakfast was delivered. Just then he struggled to his feet but wouldn’t eat. He was listless, head hanging down, eyes dull. I gave him a thirty minute treatment using the “sweeping” technique. Within five minutes I could tell I had his attention. He stood very quietly, didn’t try to walk off, and he began to demonstrate behaviors that suggested he felt better. Horse people will understand this. He began to lick and also to heave a couple of big sighs. Minutes after the treatment he began to eat and 30 minutes later, we let him out of his corral with his best buddy and he actually trotted around as if nothing had been wrong. I have more examples both human and equine. This product ISN’T expensive. It’s priceless. Buy one now, you’ll see

I have been using this machine for over a year. Not only do I use it personally but I have created an Equine Therapy company treating horses with this machine. This machine will treat anything from stress, or navicular to wounds and colic

I am so happy and pleased with the remarkable results the Equitonic 9 produces, I can’t imagine owning a horse without one! I can’t stop talking about it. I want every horse owner to know that this is available to all of us. It’s so easy to use, nothing to pack and carry, nothing to organize, just pull it out of your pocket and turn it on. The horses love it and I get to see results

The Equitonic 9 is always in my bag, (as well as beside my bed!). From placing it on the sternum (at the girth) for either pain relief or to ground the horse, to stimulating acupuncture points to relax the whole hind quarters… stimulating the stomach alarm point to increase gut mobility, [to] hanging an Equitonic 9 in a horse’s stall to calm and help settle them, or to help them deal with transition… so many safe and wonderful uses!

equitonic 9, equine healing & relief | chi institute

I bought the Equitonic 9 and was so excited when it arrived. The day before it arrived, I had fallen (didn’t see a whole in the grass) and sprained my wrist really badly. The day it arrived I had been in ibuprofen to ease the discomfort. I had every intention of reading through on how to use the Equitonic the next day, which was Sunday and my day off. By Saturday night, the pain in my wrist was SO bad, that I knew I would never be able to sleep– so in desperation, I just turned it on at the ACUTE setting and put it right on my wrist. At one point I felt a little warmth, but honestly I didn’t feel anything on my wrist. No one was more stunned that I was, when, after about 15 minutes, the pain was GONE– totally GONE. I was so relieved and more than a little amazed. That was a few days ago and STILL NO PAIN in my wrist. I can’t wait to use it on my horse’s sore hocks this weekend. Totally love it. — Ann Pruitt- Director of

I don’t have neck pain anymore. I’m the kind of person who has tried the majority of alternative healing remedies—homeopathy, PEMF devices, massages, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it, but nothing has really ever worked. I’ve tried other energy type machines but nothing took the burning pain away. My friend asked if she could use the Equitonic 9 on my neck which had been hurting severely for almost a month. I was skeptical but I couldn’t believe it, the thing actually worked. She treated my neck a couple of times and I’m totally pain free now. This device really works for me

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