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Crushing Plant

Crushing Plant

The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.
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five star group

Five Stars Flour Mills has a production capacity of 1,750 metric tons daily and is the largest single flour mill by capacity in the whole country. This is in addition to a storage capacity of 150,000 metric tons of grain silos, and a discharge berth located at Adabiya Port in Suez equipped with a 600 tons per hour grain unloader tower

BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 21,000 certificated suppliers in 90 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies. The Standards guarantee the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfill their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

Five Stars Flour Mills produces a wide variety of household flour for different needs (in 1 and 2.5 Kg. packages) from the finest grades of Australian wheat in addition to some natural elements to satisfy the consumer’s requirements. This resulted in the excellent reputation and sound name of these products, which are as follows:

five star group

Through our 10 years of continuous success, Five Star Flour Mills has placed itself at the forefront of the milling industry in Egypt, by providing a variety of flour products for all usages and fields, according to international and European standards in the industry. Five Star Flour Mills high quality product range is maintained through our specially-designed, milling system equipped with up-to-date technologies and our use of high quality wheat.

The company works with its customers and provides them with after sales technical support and advice, provided by highly qualified specialists and experts from the flour milling and baking industries. This ensures high quality production along with high level service, and is supported by a training center with our four laboratories which perform all internationally recognized tests in the field. Five Star Flour Mills also utilizes an experimental bakery for baking tests to ensure consistent high quality results.

The company produces a variety of flour kinds packed in specific, polypropylene bags, which distinguish our products from other flour kinds in the market, in addition to a large range of ready mixes.

five star group

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