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Crushing Plant

Crushing Plant

The combination crusher is a new generation high efficiency crushing machine designed and researched by integrating the domestic and foreign crusher technology with the same kinds and optimizing the main technical parameters.
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gold detectors for sale buy the gold metal detector 2021

30 years of success and development have come to the confidence of all explorers and miners of treasures, minerals and groundwater in the ground We provide you with the largest showrooms for the most powerful international products through our distinguished contract with the largest German and American factories internationally accredited with specialized engineers for follow-up and after-sales support and competitive pricesunique to Gold Master exclusively for its customers

Gold Master Company is an exclusive agent for major international factories in the UAE and the Middle East, with a length of 30 years experience in the field  of gold and ancient treasures detectors, specializing in the trade of precious metal detectors, raw gold detectors, groundwater detection devices. In association of a diamond and gemstone detector as well, Gold Master is unique in conducting an auditorium experiment for the device previously purchased, professional training and detached preserve throughout the warranty growth primordial that reaches 5 years, we have the funds for payment help, regarding receipt in most countries

During our journey of more than 30 years, we have relied on being the exclusive agents of the largest German, American, English and Russian factories, by adopting a direct partnership with international factories specialized in gold detectors and exploration for precious metals and precious archaeological treasures

gold detectors for sale buy the gold metal detector 2021

If you are hesitant about devices and do not have sufficient knowledge to choose the appropriate device for your goal, do not worry and leave it to us. We have a team of engineers specializing in training on devices and professionals in metal detecting system. our sales team will help you in choosing the right device for you based on the goal that You are looking for and the type of soil and the country where the device is used

Browse our online store and choose what suits you from the devices based on the information provided on the page of each device, or visit our showrooms to see the latest modern and accurate technologies in the field of mineral exploration, and a specialized engineer will help you choose the appropriate device

To complete the purchase and payment process, you can execute it electronically on our online store via Visa or Mastercard payment methods or by bank transfer to our company’s official account by sending a purchase invoice approved by the company with the device’s details, components and its serial number

gold detectors for sale buy the gold metal detector 2021

gold metal detectors at kellyco | metal detectors for gold

Prospecting for gold with a metal detector is one of the most exciting and profitable hobbies today. There is absolutely nothing more exciting than digging up some of the shiny metal everyone knows and loves. Here at Kellyco, we offer a huge selection of metal detectors capable of picking up the smallest gold nuggets. With gold detectors from brands like Garrett, Minelab, and Fisher, there is no reason you can’t be out doing some gold prospecting. With all of the new gold hunting metal detector technologies, it has never been a better time to be a prospector

Of course metal detectors can pick up gold! With today’s improved technology, it has never been easier to pick up small gold pieces. The process of how metal detectors detect gold is actually quite simple if you don’t go into too much scientific detail. Very low frequency, or VLF, gold metal detectors work by sending out a magnetic field. Once a metal object is detected, the machine will pick it up, sending a signal to the control box, causing an audible signal. It really is that simple, and there are many metal detectors that are excellent for this job

Figuring out how deep a metal detector can detect gold is a hard thing to do. It depends on many variables such as ground conditions, different brands and models of metal detectors, different search coils, the size of the gold nugget, and what the ground mineralization is like. While most machines are capable of at least 6 inches on coin-sized targets, some small gold nuggets can be hard to pick up at even a few inches, if they are very small. On the other hand, large gold nuggets could be found up to over three feet deep! Generally, the rule of thumb is that more frequency means less depth, but in some cases, some metal detectors are powerful enough to have an adequate operating frequency while being able to find deep buried treasure.

gold metal detectors at kellyco | metal detectors for gold

There are so many great options on the market today for gold detectors that it can be hard to decide between them all. For anyone interested in gold prospecting, there are a few features you should be aware of. One of the biggest features is picking a machine capable of higher frequencies. High-frequency is important, as it can pick out smaller objects such as tiny gold flakes and nuggets. Another important feature is a ground balance option, as ground conditions are different for each area. All metal mode is great, as it allows the user to hear the real tones of the metal. You can’t go wrong with both a waterproof machine and a search coil that is specifically made for gold metal detecting

There are many machines that are make for excellent gold metal detectors. Many love the Garrett AT Gold, the Minelab Equinox 800, the Fisher Gold Bug, any of the Garrett ACE machines, the Minelab CTX 3030, and the Garrett ATX. If you are looking for a cheaper entry into the hobby, consider any of the Bounty Hunter metal detectors, as they provide excellent bang for your buck

Now that you have picked out a gold metal detector, it’s time to line up some places to hunt. In the United States, many prospectors like to metal detect for gold in addition to panning for it. Add some relic hunting into the mix, and you will be sure to have a great time in the field. Some excellent places to go treasure hunting for gold nuggets are mining claims and private property that gold has been found on. You must receive permission before doing this of course. One fun way to combine relic hunting and gold prospecting is to go to any old farmstead, potential Civil War site, and any other wooded patches or creeks. If you hunt along these long enough, you will be sure to find some nice buried treasure!

gold metal detectors at kellyco | metal detectors for gold

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